Frequently Asked Questions
1.  I like your 1" buttons. Will you make some for me?  Will you make some for my band?
I am not currently making buttons.  I don't know if I'll be making more for sale.

2.  Will you make one of my favorite band or movie character?
No. Sorry, but I will not.  Using someone else's image from a band, cartoon, movie, etc. is against the law and also bad juju.  I have
opinions about that, which I have discussed in an interview
here.  Here is page 2.

.  I like your Maneki Nekos.  Will you make a special one, just for me?
I am not currently making maneki neko paintings.  Maybe in the future I will, but not right now.

.  What is the best way to store tomatoes?
Never in the refrigerator.  Always leave them out at room temperature.  Refrigeration kills the flavor.
Trust me on this.

.  Are Red Hots or Hot Tamales as good as Atomic Fireballs?

6.  Are you on Facebook?
Yes.  Please search for my art page on Facebook, using "Records by Rachro".  My art is viewable and for sale there.  I would be
especially grateful if you "liked" my page.

7. Are you on Instagram?
I sure am.  You can follow my personal IG or my art-only IG.

8. Are you on MySpace?
Not really, anymore.

9. Do you have a blog?
Oh yes, I have blogs. Please check them out and follow them on Blogspot, Wordpress, and Tumblr.

10.  Do you sell the things that you make?
Yes, I do.  All the time.

11.  What is your favorite font?
I am still in love with Futura Bold.  I think that it is poised to soon take over the world.
Conversely, I cannot stand Comic Sans.  Worst.  Font.  Ever.  It makes my eyeballs seethe.  Also, I hate fonts with curly-qs on every
serif.  Just, yuck.

12.  How do you pronounce your name?
Rachelle is pronounced  /ruh-SHELL/ (not the same as Rachel or Rochelle.)
People also call me "Rach."  It rhymes with cash, bash, mash, stash...etc.  It is *not* pronounced /raych/, because it is not an
abbreviated form of Rachel.
Rachro is pronounced /RATCH-roh/.

13. What other stuff do you do?
Besides making art things, I play the ukulele, some bass, and piano.  I should practice more.  I can also tap dance, and I try to
communicate telepathically with bees.  I often try to see molecules with my naked eyes.  I think I can.

14.  Do you sell your painted records?  Will you make me one?
Yes, probably.  Contact me via Facebook on my art page, and we'll work something out.

15. Can you still play the records after they are painted on?

No, you cannot.  However, I try to select records to paint on that are damaged, messed up, and fatally scratched to begin with.  So you
likely couldn't have listened to it before it was painted anyway.

16. Where do you get your ideas for your painted record mandala designs?
From my head.  Each record tells me what it wants to look like.  I usually have an idea of how the final piece will look from the moment I
see the record.  The label, the colors, the grooves, the number of tracks, and the length of the songs all play a role in the geometry in my
head.  The music translates to art almost instantly for me and I know what to design.  I am inspired by natural and geometric forms,
numbers, and psychedelic art. Also, it helps that I was raised around a lot of psychedelic art, groovy people, and really great music.
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