Art.  Attitude.  Atomic Love.
Welcome to my website.  Thank you for visiting.
Hi.  I'm Rachelle Rose.
With the millions of destinations available on the internet, I'm grateful that you'd spend a few minutes here with me. So, thank you for taking the time to read a little about me
on my quirky little website that I started way back in 2001.

My formal training and college degrees are in fine art, music, and elementary education. I paint, take lots of pictures, and generally make unusual crafty things when I can.  My
favorite medium changes all the time, but I always end up reacquainting with watercolor.  It cleanses my soul.  It is my other language.  I custom paint old, messed up
records, along with painting Maneki Nekos, abstract art, space art, and mandalas. I also make things with garbage and found objects.  I have a crazy fetish for any and all
kind of pens, calligraphy, or handwritten ephemera.  If you take me to an office supply store, I can spend at least an hour looking only at pens and weighing every possible
This is true.  Ask my very patient husband.

Some of my influences are loud music, the Saturday morning cartoons of my youth, all forms of animation, comic books, my talented artist friends and relatives, particularly
esoteric or ridiculous fortune cookies, and vintage photobooth photography.  I'm frequently inspired by my disjunct, bizarre, and often grotesque dreams, the genius of Carl
Jung and his mandalas, psychedelic art, geometric art forms in nature, old movies, and the coolest classic cartoon lady of all time: my hero, Betty Boop.

I cook. From scratch. All cuisines. 'Nuff said.

I only listen to one kind of music. The good kind.

I am superstitious.

Sometimes I try to see molecules.

Despite my surname, my favorite flower is the daisy.

I love the smell of oranges.

I like to put potato chips on my sandwiches to make them crunchy.

I am a Leo and I was born in the Year of the Monkey.

I do not believe in heaven or hell.
Astroboy and Astrogirl will escort you to the places to visit on my site.  I hope you enjoy your stay.
All rights reserved.  All wrongs reversed.  You know the drill.
With the exceptions of Astroboy and Astrogirl, all images on this site are copyright Rachelle Rose 2001-2021 and for the rest of eternity.  No part of this website may be used,
stored, direct (hot) linked, or reproduced in any form without prior written permission from Rachelle Rose.  Copying anything from this website for any reason whatsoever is a
violation of the United States copyright laws.

Plus, stealing is just plain bad juju, man.
Thank you especially to my husband, who is a visionary and musician extraordinaire.  Before I ever made this website, I didn't know if I should, because I wasn't sure if I had
anything interesting to say. But he convinced me that I did.
So thanks, Django Jay.
Rock on.
You mean you actually want to know about me?
Come and look at a flash of my funky the Gallery D'Rach.
Photographs that make you go...huh?
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Haiku that will cinge your tastebuds...Sssssst!
One night we had pancakes for dinner.
One last haiku before you go...
Enter the realm of the photobooth.
Ffffft!  Fffft! Rawr!
Questions that people ask me.
I like to paint on old, messed up records.
Please note that after March 31, 2021, this website will be left as it is, until it can be updated and moved to a new internet
home.  Until it disappears into the ether and is rebuilt somewhere else, you are cordially invited to visit me and my art
adventures on Facebook, Instagram, or Blogger (search for Records by Rachro).
Thanks for visiting my website, please enjoy the links above, and goodbye, until we meet again. :)